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Don't Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits.  ~Jerry Dunn

Christina, "Kris" is the Conditioning Coach at CSC. Although not much of an athlete in her younger years, she grew up in an active household. Both of her brothers were on various youth soccer and hockey teams. Her parents were, and continue to be, highly active, playing competitive racquetball and tennis into their sixties and seventies.

Kris's journey in strength training began her senior year of high school when she joined the local gym where her parents were members. She began following a typical bodybuilding routine before being introduced to kettlebells several years later. It was love at first swing. She credits kettlebells with increasing her strength and endurance simultaneously and helping her move more fluidly. A few of the side effects of her patient dedication to kettlebell training include lower body fat percentage, increased energy throughout the day, and crossover strength in other movements, like pull-ups. 

She earned her StrongFirst Level I & Level II Kettlebell certifications in 2013, and currently competes in amateur powerlifting. Kris is infinitely enthusiastic about getting stronger herself and considers herself a student of strength who loves to share her knowledge and experience with strength training with everyone she meets.


Kris’s approach to kettlebell training is simple: consistency is king. Every training program she designs carefully considers individual goals and limitations. Like a martial arts discipline, students must first master the basics before they can begin learning advanced skills. Her students spend time perfecting their technique and working to attain that perfect rep. In order to see results they must be focused, patient, and dedicated to their training. Most importantly, they must practice regularly.

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  • Kettlebell Training

  • Metabolic Conditioning

  • Strength Training for Women

  • Weight and Fat Loss

  • General Strength and Conditioning

  • Working with Beginners

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • RKC / SFC Certification Prep

  • Other certifications include Power Yoga, Prana Yoga, TRX, FMS and Primal Move

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