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See that funny-looking “O” in our logo that’s squared off and doesn’t match the rest of the lettering? It’s a power rack, a piece of strength training equipment so essential to our process—core, if you will—that  we wanted it to be synonymous with our brand. 

Perhaps you thought “core” referred to endless sit-ups and crunches. If you train with us you’ll indeed get plenty of core work, but most of it will come from bracing to stabilize your spine under heavy compound lifts like squats and overhead presses performed with old-fashioned free weights. This type of training can not only improve your appearance but will also strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system.

What exactly do we do at CSC besides chain you to one of these scary-looking power rack contraptions? In a nutshell, we help beginners of all ages and athletic abilities experience the many benefits of strength training in a safe and supportive environment using primarily barbells and kettlebells. 

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