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Press! More than Meets the Eye: Magnum opus on form

Kramer’s crazy hair, Jerry’s goldfish in a ziplock bag, Tom Anderson cursing, “What in the hell?!”—pop culture highlights of my youth that I share with glee, only to have my memories met with blank stares of confusion from millennial audiences. It’s a shame they missed all the fun. But sooner than we wish, irrelevancy comes calling for us all.

The Godfather of specificity in training is Norbert Schemansky. Since he was only celebrated in the sideshow strength training world and never even sniffed pop culture, he’ll be an even more obscure reference for most of you.

Norb’s famous speech on specificity really isn’t so famous at all, I suppose. Comprised of only a single word, it also wasn’t much of a speech.

“Press!” is what Norb said. The question he was answering was, “How do I get better at pressing?”

You too can get better at pressing. I’ll try not to muddy the waters of his excellent advice, but I think Norb would agree with me that the press deserves a deeper dive than his tongue-in-cheek answer that surely came with a few unstated caveats.

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