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How to Design Your Own Strength & Conditioning Program

If you can only stomach one training article I've ever written, this might be the one. Okay, it's actually three, and it's a comprehensive treatise on how to train yourself.

Matter of fact, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse (sure you can, but you really shouldn't). If you subscribe to the magazine in order to get the first installment, I'll personally refund your money if you don't like it well enough to hang in there long enough to get parts 2 and 3. Just message me a copy of your payment receipt with a Venmo or PayPal refund link.

You're on the honor system here, so don't lie and say you didn't like it if you really did just to get it for free. Combined with my refund offer, the publisher has a cancel anytime policy, so you won't be out a dime.

Purchase issue #12 of HARDGAINER 2.0 to read my article in its entirety. Thank you!


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